Friday, September 30, 2011


We am sure most of you have heard of our latest


Call it what you will

is up there with


You get the picture?

Did you ask what is Pinterest?
lets you organize and share all the beautiful
things you find on the web.
People use pinboards to plan their weddings,
decorate their homes,
and organize their favorite recipes.
Best of all,
you can browse pinboards created by other people.
Browsing pinboards is a fun way to
discover new things and
get inspiration from people
who share your interests.

Let us tell you a little secret.
We was playing around and
looking at all of the amazing
goodies that are on Pinterest
and be still our little hearts
what did we find?

Can we tell you how excited we were to
be doing our daily search to see our post?
We feel like
Super Stars

We want to share some of our
favorite pens from this week.
We think they are stars as well.

Most of our picks have us
Katie's "text" words for
Shake My Head
thinking why did I not think of that?
Wow- I had that same idea!
(great minds think alike)
I did that, but that sure does look better.

Use a soapbox so your camera or ipod won't get damaged in your purse - or turn itself on!
A soap box to carry your
camera in your bag!

Dried strawberry recipe, so chewy and delicious! They taste like candy but are healthy and natural.
We made these last night
Sorry, we do not have a tutorial on these
We ate them all up.

I want to make this for my loooong hallway upstairs.  I wonder if the kitten would trash it, though.....
Yes!  You can even find great tutorials like this
beautiful rug.

If you take a look at the top right of our blog
you can follow us.
Because Pinterest is so new it is currently invite-only.
But if you would like an invite
send us your e-mail address and
we would be happy for you to join in on the fun.  
We will send you an invite to come play. 

We always end our post with a quote of the day
so we will share one of our favorites found on



  1. I love Pinerest!!! It is so addicting! I would love an invite to come play and start my own pin boards if you have any left . THANK YOU!!!

  2. In fact, I may have found you through Pinterest. When I saw the pretty and sparkly Glittered notebooks. Or maybe through Google reader and another blogger. Not sure. Well I usually follow a blog when I see lots and lots of great creations that inspire me. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


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