Saturday, October 1, 2011

Easy Tiramisu

 For our Chef Boyardee Party we wanted a
quick, simple, easy, and tasty dessert.

So what comes to mind when you think dessert for an
 Italian dinner?


Not only is this recipe easy
 it is perfect for entertaining
because it will be a big hit
and it can be made the night before.
(leaves you more time to enjoy yourself)

16 oz mascarpone cheese
1 cup vanilla pudding
1 Pound Cake
3/4 cup espresso or STRONG coffee
1/2 oz Kahlua or Coffee Liqueur
cocoa powder
chocolate bar

  1. Bring the mascarpone cheese to room temperature.
  2. Brew the espresso/coffee.  Add the Kahlua to the coffee and let cool.  While it is cooling sit down and enjoy a cup.
  3. Cut cake into about 1" strips.
  4. Put the mascarpone in a bowl and beat with a mixer just until it is light and fluffy.  Fold the pudding into the mascarpone until well mixed.
  5. Spread a little of the mascarpone mix into the bottom of the serving dish. 
  6. Dip the cake quickly into the espresso.  Place cake strips on top of the mascarpone mix. 
  7. Top with another layer of mascarpone mix
  8. Repeat layers.  Last layer should be the mascarpone mix.
  9. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and top with shaved chocolate
  10. Place the tiramisu into the fridge and chill for a few hours.
Quick Tips

**Use a sifter or strainer to sprinkle the cocoa powder- this will help the cocoa come out fine and without clumps.
**To make chocolate curls use a potato peeler or cheese grader for a fine chocolate shaving.
**Don't soak cake or it will get soggy.

Buon appetito!
 Sleepless in Seattle
[Jay is helping Sam get back into the dating scene]
Sam Baldwin: What is "tiramisu"?
Jay: You'll find out.
Sam Baldwin: Well, what is it?
Jay: You'll see!
Sam Baldwin: Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her and I'm not gonna know what it is!

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