Thursday, September 29, 2011

Biscoff Cake Push-Ups

Have you ever had a wonderful idea
to only see it fail?

We did!

Because we are not ones to
cry over spilled milk, or
MUSHED up cupcakes.

We made Cake Push-Ups

The process started because I (Honee) had a grand idea to make cupcakes in my special mini cake mold. 
Well we greased and floured the mold-
just like you do with cakes.
Mixed up a butter box cake mix.
Filled each well.

(like this but with out the cupcake wrappers)

And dropped a teaspoon of Biscoff Spread and swirled
(it should have made a self-frosting)

but because the tin had a raised design
the swirl went too deep
 and came out looking like this.


we could not just dump out such tasty yummies.

Scratching our heads we decided to use our
We ordered them from Pick Your Plum,
but don't worry we found you a hook up at

This is how we made our
Cake Push-Ups

Push the pop onto the mini cake.
You will have left over cake,
so squish it all together to use for another layer.

Spread a layer of Biscoff Spread.
Add another layer of "cake" mix.
Squirt frosting for another next layer.

Repeat, Repeat and Repeat
until you are finished.

Use your imagination!
Have FUN!

If you can see we stood ours up in a bowl filled with

We like to end each post with a quote and this is our motto-
Great words to live by!

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
~ Albert Einstein


  1. OH MY goodness! I bet those taste amazing!!! Never thought of doing a cake push-pop- those would go over great at a kid's bday party!

  2. I love how you worked the cupcake failure into a HUGE success story!

  3. This is BRILLIANT! What a clever idea. Where does one get those little push-up thingies?

  4. Great job! As my 6 yr old would say "You turned a mistake into something great"!

  5. I am so making these for a baby shower I'm hosting soon! They are adorable!

    PS I have a $50 cash giveaway going on at my blog till Monday evening. Come by when you get a chance! :)

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I just featured your Cake push pops on my check me out saturday highlights post. Thanks so much for linking up!


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