Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chocolate Biscoff Ritz

We have now found our favorite family treat.
Biscoff Spread

How many of you remember Biscoff Cookies?
It was the highlight of Delta flights.

Well the wonderful people of Biscoff has made the cookies into a spread.

CAT daddy asked what we could eat the spread with.
Bread & Peanut Butter
Ritz Crackers

Here is a recipe for
Chocolate Biscoff Ritz

Ritz Crackers
Biscoff Spread
Chocolate Chips (we like milk chocolate)

Spread each cracker with spread.
Top with another cracker.
Melt chocolate acording to directions on bag.
Make sure not to get any water near chocolate.
Dip each cracker sandwich into chocolate.
Place on wax paper to harden.
Dip fork into chocolate and drizzle over top of each dipped sandwich. 
This will make them look fancy enough to serve to "special" guest.
To us special guest are all of our loved ones.


  1. Oh yummy! And so easy, might add this to the long list of treats I make around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanks for sharing!!



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