Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picture Props

What party is complete without pictures? To get our party started we came up with this grand idea for a photo booth. Simple yet easy to make and outrageously cheap (we had all the supplies needed on hand). Remember we are doing the Stash Busting Challenge, so everything we use must come from the stash.

Back-Drop, hum what do we use??? Simple, a black table cloth tacked to the wall.

How do we make the props? Eezie-Peezie! I designed a few 'staches, lips, fancy glasses. Printed the shapes onto cardstock and glued to the felt. Make sure the glue is dry then cut out the designs. Then hot glue the dowel to the card stock side of the designs.

Card Stock
Hot Glue

Proof of how much fun props can be!

Pucker up and gimme a kiss

VoilĂ ! The best part of this DIY project it was simple and FREE… •

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