Monday, March 28, 2011

Harry Potter Party

Happy Birthday to Sarah! Yesterday was Sarah’s 25th birthday, or as she calls it- her “Quarter Life Crisis”. Each year we celebrate with a costume party. So how did she celebrate her birthday this year? Harry Potter party, Baby! Yes that is correct we had a Harry Potter costume party. Everyone came dressed as a characters from the book/movie.

Here is Bellatrix, A Snitch and A Nimbus 2011. Only the newest broom for Harry will do!

Hagrid consoling Moaning Murdle

Watch what you say Rita Skeeter is in the house...

Nymphadora Tonks

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  1. How lovely Harry Potter Birthday party!! I bet everyone had wonderful time in this bash. Glad to see these fun photos! Well, I am going to throw a small bridal party for my sister. I have selected one of domestic venues in Chicago but having hard time in choosing a funky theme for it. Do you have any suggestions?


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