Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Stash Busting

We are up to a challenge and found just the one we NEED. Robin at The TShirt Diaries has come to our rescue. How do you ask? She is hosting the Spring Stash Busting challenge. How does this work? For one month we can’t purchase anything for personal craft use. So how are we going to last a full month without a trip to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Good Will? Oh, this is going to be a very hard task but we will be strong…

While talking about the challenge I told Sarah we have a problem with our stash. She said we don’t have a problem we have a business. I just SMH (that is shook my head in teen language) and patted her hand and said calmly “yes, why yes we do have a problem”. Ok, the problem is with craft hording and Phineas and Ferb. But please don’t judge me on the Phineas and Ferb!

Here is a little (and I do mean little) taste of our stash...

Look at little Nancy slipping into the set.

So how do we tackle the STASH??? Tomorrow we are going to the Hobby Lobby to buy lots of sparkly, shiny and NO! NO! NO! We are going to work on the dress for little Avalyn before she grows into a new size.

So are you up to the challenge? I dare you, I double DOG dare you to take the challenge!

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