Sunday, October 2, 2011

Olive Penguins

We were so excited to be asked to host a
Chef Boyardee House Party
We knew we wanted to go with an
Italian dinner, but we wanted to show that with the
same recipe you can have and
adult dinner party
and a fun family dinner.
What do we do for a kids appetizer?
We remember a while back seeing
Olive Penguins
These little guys were so simple.
With a little help from you
your little guys can make this dish themselves.

It is never too early to teach a child it is fun to cook!

**we did make a few changes**
Olives- Large & Medium (drain)
Mozzarella balls (small)
Italian Dressing
Tooth Picks

1.  Marinade the Mozzarella balls in the dressing for a couple of days.
2.  Scrape the out side of carrots and cut into disks.  (this is were you help out)
3.  Cut small "V" out of the disks.  This will make the feet and beak.
4.  Make a small slice into Large olive and place 1 or 2 mozzarella balls into olive.
5.  Place carrot "V" into hole in Medium olive.  This will make the beak.
6.  Attach Medium olive to Large olive with beak facing out with toothpick
make sure to catch cheese with toothpick.
7.  Push toothpick through carrot disk.

Now you have tasty
Olive Penguins

It's practically impossible to look at a
penguin and feel angry.
Joe Moore


  1. Goodness gracious! I've seen these on other blogs and must say yours lack the finesse those had. Ah well, taste beats presentation sometimes. In reality people aren't going to pick them up and exclaim "Oooh these look nice!", they are going to pop them straight into their mouths and enjoy them. ;)


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