Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pen Holder

What do you do with all of your pens?
Are they thrown into a drawer?
Placed into a coffee cup?
Tossed on your desk?
Every where BUT where you need them?

How about a nice pen holder?

We made our pen holder out of  stuff we had on hand.
We are getting in the Stashbusting mode.
It's not too late for you to sign up for
Stashbusing September over at
The Tshirt Diaries

This is what you need to make your own pen holder
Spray Paint
wine rack (from the garage sale box)
Mardi Gras cups (souvenir from our Destin trip)

before & after

Spray paint your rack and cups.  We needed a 2nd coat.
Let dry
and Ta-da
you have a handy dandy Pen holder that did not cost a dime.
 (unless you needed spray paint).

A little tip for storing paint and gel pens.
To keep ink from leaking and drying out store pens horizontal.

Our helper for the day
Johnny Cash

 You may remember this little fella as the scrawny kitten someone did a drop and run.  He is growing into such a handsome man.  Each day we are earning his trust.  We are now able to pick (when he wants us to) him up.  He is eating like all get out.  And talking up a storm.  So I guess the people who dropped him off knew the right people to become his family.

A friendship with some assembly required.
~ Quoted from my favorite Toy Story coffee mug


  1. Cute! It's funny - I was just looking at my empty wine rack and wondering if I should put it on craigslist. I'm mildly ashamed to say that I'm a boxed wine convert and don't have much use for the rack any more! But perhaps I'll get creative with it and find a place for all that stuff I have sitting on my kitchen counter. Cute idea!

  2. Such a neat idea!!! Wine rack- genius!

  3. Great idea! Newest follower. I want to do this and will link back to you IF/WHEN I actually get to it! Visiting from http://imnotatrophywife.com

  4. What a great idea and such a cute little helper!

  5. Great idea for storage in an office. Would love to have you post this on my MoMomma Monday Party. PS- LOOOVVEE that kitten! http://momommamoney.blogspot.com/2011/08/mommy-monday-with-momomma.html

  6. Mine are in a drawer this is a much better way to keep them organized!

  7. great idea but I dont have a wine rack :-)

  8. Congratulations! This is one of the top ten stashbusting projects!...


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