Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sam the Squirrel

Introducing the newest member of the family.
Sam the Squirrel
I know I keep saying the ZOO is closed,
but what is a mom to do when something
so cute, snuggly and tiny is handed to you?
I took a trip to LSU Vet school.
They said they could take Sam,
but I looked around and saw how full
they were with sick animals.
So for the next few weeks we will have
every 2 hour feedings and
NIGHTLY feedings.
Am I looking forward to this-
But we get to know we helped
Mother Nature with another baby.
Once Sam is eating hard food
we will take him back to LSU
and they will help him back into the wild.
For now we get the pleasure of
cuddle time...with Sam

Every baby animal is unique and adorable,
and there is no greater love than that between
a mother and her young.
It is the power of this love that explains why
humans have always sought the company of young animals.
— Anonymous


  1. I nursed a baby bunny when I was a kid, soy milk ever few hours through a syringe minus the needle.


    Loved that bunny.

    1. The vet gave me dry puppy milk to mix and feed him every 2 hours...fun, fun, fun


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