Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drinking Straw Lamp Shade

Last week we visited with our
friends at The CSI Project.
The challenge for the week was
Dollar Store Crafts.

Our craft tutorial was a...
Drinking Straw Lamp Shade

This project cost under
5 buck-a-roos.

All of the supplies came from
The Dollar Tree.

You will need:
Mesh basket
(choose the best size to fit your lamp)
our shade took 3 packs of 180 count

1. Cut straws into 4 pieces

Mama Mia that's a lotta straws
2160 of them

What not to do with the straws...

The second time you drop the bowl full of straws
52 Pick-Up sounds like a fun game.

2. Poke the straws thru the mesh

Most holes fit 4 straws.
If the straws are loose you could
squeeze another into the center.

3. Put on a good movie and have fun
poking the straws until the entire
basket is full.

4. Place shade on, lamp turn on,
grab a good book and enjoy.

How do you like our Penny Desk?
We will show you how to make your own
penny desk top next week.

Who is more foolish,
the child afraid of the dark or
the man afraid of the light?
~Maurice Freehill


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